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Motorhome Towing Packages

RV Towing Packages:

At Hitch Experts we supply and install RV towing packages in three major top-quality brands; Blue-ox, Demco, and Roadmaster. Each of these brands offer a base plate hitch, which remains on the towed vehicle, a wiring kit to sync the towed vehicles electrical with the RV, and a braking system which controls the towed vehicles brakes. As well as a Tow bar, which mounts into the hitch on the RV and connects to the base plate on the towed vehicle. All of these brands offer tow bars which easily fold away and mount and store on the RV hitch. They also automatically lock into place when the RV starts moving. Tow bars range in capacity from 5,000lbs - 10,500lbs. Each brand also offers lightweight aluminum models for ease of use on lighter towed vehicles.

Most vehicles on the road today can be towed "four wheels down." Those with manual transmissions are the easiest to tow because they require little or no modifications before towing. Many four wheel drive vehicles such as most jeep Grand Cherokees, and certain automatics fit into this category. It is important to know your vehicle's requirements before towing, so if you're unsure, check your manual or local car dealer.

If your RV is not equipped with a factory trailer hitch, Hitch Experts can provide you with either a bolt-on option or an in-house fabricated custom fit trailer hitch. We are also able to wire your RV with the necessary electrical components to get you ready for towing.

Please call one of our knowledgeable sales staff to help guide you through the Tow bar process. We're happy to help with all of your towing needs.


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